Communicate, take advice &
listen to your opinion, at every step.

Advisory Support

Our main purpose is to satisfy specific needs of our customer. Our experienced team of NEW BUSINESS department, provides the most appropriate recommendations for packaging & printing, offering the best value for money.

Pioneering in product design and delivery

We co-operate closely with specialists in the food industry for the design & technical evaluation fast and efficiently. We provide high standard products, offering our customers, the possibility to choose minimum quantity for high-end work.

We produce innovative projects, in co-operation with product packaging design companies on demand. Our team, with in-depth understanding of the required work for various products exploits the production capacities based on the trade restrictions.

Technical Support

For us, each project we undertake comprises a special case that requires special treatment. Following recognized standards and implementing organized and controlled procedures from the beginning to the end of the production, we ensure high efficiency, excellent quality & prompt realization.


The knowhow of the manpower as well as the renewal of our technological equipment at regular intervals, allows us to offer technical solutions that are in line with the requirements that the modern day life and the competitive business environment create.

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