The more the lifetime of the manufactured product increases reducing the required improvements,

the better and more efficiently

the R&D department of the company operates.

During the last 20 years, our product portfolio has increased significantly and has been the foundation of our success. For this to continue in the future, the company has decided to develop new products per year and to present them in the market.

The commitment of our company, for the support of our partners and our customers on technical issues, resulted in acquiring high level of technical expertise and unique experience. We have been performing specialized studies & flowthrough tests on issues of base & finishing materials, for over 10 years. The results of the R&D department, allow us to operate fast and efficiently at the specific needs of our customers.

Furthermore, the co-operations with prominent European companies of the industry and the participation in international fora & seminars, enrich our knowledge and enhance our efficiency.

The quality of the products is a commitment for Printing Packaging Georgiadis S.A.. Since the establishment of the company, to present date, the modernization and the improvement of our production sites, the new investments and the ongoing quality control, comprise our key priorities. This resulted in the use of automated production processes and the implementation of technological certifications at all our production units.

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