At Printing Packaging Georgiadis SA, quality is always top priority.


To make sure that everything we do for you is nothing less than the best, we follow a precautionary approach for our quality standards and we are committed to continuous improvement.

We regularly conduct quality controls by implementing quality management and assurance systems on all the levels of the supply chain, from the quality of raw materials and the proper conduct of the production and storage processes, to the controlled transport and distribution of the final printing and packaging products.

We follow high quality standards, in accordance with the directives and the regulations of the European Union, ensuring that the raw materials are manufactured with good practices & directives in accordance with the most modern European environmental standards.

On the basis of recognized standards and critical control points, all the processes are defined, in accordance with the specifications of the quality management systems by certified bodies ISO 9001 – 2008  and  ISO 22000 – 2005.

The continuous improvement of everything we do is our guiding principle. A team of qualified personnel undertakes the control at every production stage, following basic methodology that includes :

Standard sampling plan that is introduced in all the main production stages and the samples are stored, according to the product lifetime.

Corrective actions and addressing problems that the system generates.

Quality feedback on the final product.

The assessment of the outcome of a print, either visually, or by exclusively using densitometry or other techniques, is not enough. The best judgment and decision on the quality of the print can only be the result corresponding to the combination of the two experiences above.


Packaging is a very important element for the maintenance of the quality characteristics of a product. The quality of the packaging has a big impact on preservation and its assurance is necessary. At the natural flow of the supply chain, some of the characteristics of the packaging may be deteriorated, that’s why the production monitoring arrangements as well as the proper storage and transport with the appropriate protection, are very important sectors.

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