The aesthetics of the pack
plays key role
in consumer's decision.

Ready Meals Packaging

Using special inks, high quality materials & premium finishing, that comply with num. 1935/2004 European regulation, we achieve rendering the brand its integrity & quality.

Bakery & Confectionery Products Packaging

With an in-depth knowledge of the production techniques of a product, which combines the maximum possible sense of sight & touch, we create a range of packaging appropriate even for the most demanding ones.

Deep Frozen Foods Packaging

Special applications for low temperatures & many different solutions. All the materials are characterized by high thermal stability and for minimal odor. Furthermore, they are certified for food packaging in accordance with the regulations of FDA 175.105 & of EU 10/2011.

Fruit & Vegetable Packaging

We ensure that your fresh products will stand out from the competition. Packaging that combines easy transport, of fruit & vegetables, packaged either manually or automated.

Non-food Packaging

Demanding quality controls and strict health & safety specifications, lead our team to the creation & production of high standards packaging.

Beverages Packaging

We offer a wide, attractive & comprehensive catalogue of paper packaging for beverages. All our packaging offers easy opening, optimal lifetime and the ability to maximize your branding.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Packaging

Packaging of personal care goods, drugs, nutritional supplements, cosmetics with a variety of base materials and multiple types of finishing. The packaging has many options regarding their geometry, their display type, their way of promotion as well as their way of usability by the final consumer.

Gift Packaging

When it comes to a corporate gift or a product, where the philosophy & the character of the company are reflected, gift packaging requires particular attention. We cooperate closely with the customers to find the correct packaging that will meet their needs and requirements.

Various Packaging

The packaging aesthetic plays a primordial role in the consumer decision. A key factor that may lead to the right selection of packaging, is the production of an innovative yet functional box. Through a range of options in shapes and technica details, the selection of the right packaging becomes an easy mat even when it comes to a large scale production

Printing of Printed Matter, Catalogues & Books

From books and magazines, to folders, corporate catalogues and business promotional printed matter, all the options are tailored to each requirement and are supported with high finishing. There is the production capacity of various shapes, numbers of pages and large scale printing.

Label Printing

Label production in the form of sheet for any substrate. Great emphasis is placed on finishing due to the fact that the label reflects the product profile.

Various Prints

Each promotional material should be uniform and directly related to the philosophy and the character that the company or the product represents. We are in position of guiding you to the right selection of paper and ink type, to the special effects that will upgrade the final outcome.

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