Each customer and each project

is a genuine partnership


From high-tech industries to start-up businesses the consumer is the basic element that unites them. This philosophy is at the heart of everything we do. Printing Packaging Georgiadis SA with strategic planning and focusing on the consumer’s experience, implements ideas & technologies that meet its customers’ needs, enhancing the value of the final product.

Our Vision

Our company vision is its recognition as a reference point of the excellent service and the quality final product. Although our business belongs in the wider field of printing, we believe that we produce something much greater than ink on paper. Our company produces success. We are proud for the products we create and contribute to making your business more successful.

Our Mision

Whatever we do and every decision we reach, aims at improving the services for the improvement of our services for our customers, the development of the level of our employees and the growth of our profitability. We always seek the excellence in the quality of our products and the service of our customers, making all possible efforts not only for their satisfaction but also for exceeding their expectations.

Our Values

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