Establishment of printing laboratory.

Expansion of the installations, import of new printing machines.

1st semi-automatic printing machine.





Installation of 1st medium format
printing machine.

Printing industry development.

Expansion to a new production line.





Upgrading of the production process
with new technologies.

Establishment of
Printing Packaging Georgiadis S.A.

Expansion of production facilities.





Creation of new storage area
& expansion in the production line.

Expansion of storage facilities and creation of distribution center.

Investment in high quality printing machines..





More than 90 years of tradition in the field of printing & packaging.

Printing Packaging Georgiadis SA, is an industrial and commercial organization that was established in 1923 and operates in the design and production of packaging and printing. With sustainable development and major investments we gained a strong presence on the Greek market in recent years.

Throughout our course we have built the trust with our customers and the development of innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Our product portfolio includes packaging and printing of both industrial and small and medium enterprises. The know-how, as well as the cutting edge equipment, for prints & applications, ensure the privilege of pioneering and technological innovation at every printing project of ours. Our company offers a wide range of solutions in the packaging design and production covering the needs of companies with both low and high production volume, as well as of customized options. Quality and reliability are of paramount importance in every business activity we develop.

Through the R&D department that is engaged with the research, development and analysis of specialized applications and current trends, as well as the quality control and assurance department, we ensure the creation of attractive printing and packaging products that meet the best value for money.


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