7000m² installations of high standards


Our central installations are located at the area Sesklo of Volos.
Our production units, the warehouse and the distribution center extend over 7.000m²,
providing high standards logistics to our partners.

Our premises are fully equipped and complying with all the Greek and European regulations. We ensure the biggest possible accuracy and efficiency of our production, providing our customers safety and quality.


Our production units extend over 6,000 m², equipped with cutting edge machinery, fully automated procedures and with the most advanced international methods of quality control & hygiene. Designed for complete flexibility & optimization of material flow in order to meet the specific production needs.

Warehouse & Distribution Center

Our warehouses are housed in premises of 1,000 m². We design, implement and control the efficient and effective product flow. The transports of the products to Thessaly are performed within a day, while, at the same time, we have a powerful network of fixed correspondents throughout Greece.

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