There is no technology
that can replace
human contact.

If there is one thing we have learnt during the years of our operation, is that there is no technology that can replace human contact. That is why our manpower consists of qualified persons that have the knowledge, the ability, the talent and the love for the subject they engage in.

As a company we commit ourselves in building long-lasting relationships both with our customers and with our employees. And this commitment is reflected in the way we invest in people and technology.

We constantly train our manpower in order to be able to respond to the developing technological methods, encouraging their participation in seminars and fora of the industry.

We perform regular updates and practice on the management of new applications and methodologies.

We insist on maintaining and strengthening their passion to meet our customers’ satisfaction.

We invest in our manpower

The sustainable development of Printing Packaging Georgiadis SA, all those years, was combined with the numerical increase of its personnel, reaching 60 employees in 2016.



Employee’s Age


% of higher


Recognizing the key role of technology in the success of our company, we place emphasis on young people, keeping the percentage of the young age group high.

With regard to the enhancement of the quality characteristics of our manpower we invest in qualified employees, with scientific expertise.

If you are searching for a working environment that offers great possibilities for progress and evolution, Printing Packaging Georgiadis SA can meet your expectations for a professional career. Please submit your CV and we will contact you.
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